Apexiva delivers you top of mind design. Apexiva contains the word  'apex’ to show our designs takes your brand to the highest point of achievement.

Apexiva provides complete customer care. You can rest easy knowing the exact status of your project and that all your deliverables will be met on time. 

Julia Afflekt, the founderof Apexiva, loves the warmth of Australia. Her loyal clients value the speed and quality of her work. Apexiva designs capture people’s attention because of the blending of clean Scandinavian design with contemporary Australian design.

The Apexiva logo is inspired by a Lavvu tent. Generations of Finnish Sami in Scandinavia's Arctic have found shelter and comfort under its care.


The founder Julia Afflekt’s loyal clients value the speed and quality of her work.

Tim McCallum, Blockchain consultant, who worked together with Julia at the University of Queensland in 2015 said that “Julia is a pragmatic and diligent designer who welcomes feedback and swiftly takes the appropriate course of action to satisfy her clients. While Julia is able to adapt her designs to suit the clients requirements, she is also able to provide expert advice and justification where she feels her design excels. This honest guidance, from Julia, is refreshing and it is a pleasure to be guided by Julia's experience.”

"Julia is a very creative graphic designer, who always keeps the promised (often tight) time schedules and delivers her design works perfectly finished in all minor details. We have worked together for a logo project and other marketing communications materials (print/digital). I can highly recommend her for similar projects." 
- Marika Lang, Sales and Marketing Manager at Monditaly Finland

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